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You don't need `ConfigureAwait(false)` in .NET Core apps.


@Saeid: What we have here is just sample code. Usually the database accesses are implemented in a class library targeting .NET Standard (2.0). If that's the case and the library is being used in WPF (.NET 4.x) then the application is going to end in a deadlock.
I am putting ConfigureAwait(false) into demos as well because my Rider and ReSharper is configured that way :)

Delbert Matlock

You have a serious bug exposed if you are running the async example under EF Core 2.2. You must create your DbContext inside of the TransactionScope block, otherwise, connections will not be released back to the connection pool. Had serious issue with an application that would freezer up after some time due to connection pool exhaustion. Once a using statement for creating the DbContext was put inside of the using statement for the TransactionScope, the issue went away.

Pawel Gerr

@Delbert Is there a corresponding issue in EF repo?

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