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Yaron Naveh

This is really great stuff.

For the tested types, were there any differences in the behavior of the three java soap stacks, and between xml serialization and data contracts?

Christian Weyer

Hey Yaron,

so to say, we didn't test interop between the Java SOAP stacks. Tests were focused on .NET and the Java stacks mentioned in the paper, rather. Also our primary focus was on DataContractSerializer (which is the default for WCF).
We would like to hear if you have specific questions around XmlSerializer interoperability.


danijel kecman

this is excellent.
any experience with how complex poco entities behave in interop mode:
public class Person {
public string FirstName {get;set;}
public string LastName {get;set;}
public Address Address {get;set}
public IList Accounts {get;set;}

also is there a some experience with (IsReference=true) in interop mode.

thank you christian on this comprehensive paper.

Christian Weyer

Hi Danijel,

well, as long as the complex DTOs use the rules outlined in the whitepaper it is more or less straight-forward.
Nope, no experience with IsReference=true, sorry.

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