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Andy McGoldrick

Excellent, I was just about to start working on something very similar.

Thanks for the great information, you saved me a lot of effort here. Would love to see the platform independence changes you are going to make to the code above.

Thanks again!



can you explain how the push notifications works?
for example, i have a database that should be mointored for every insert in a table then this should send notification to the subscribed apps. how will that work using your code above and urban airship.

Thanks in advance.


Hi thanks for this great work
How can we customize the urbainShip Service to communicate wih our webServices


What is the object
- ConmmunicationsConstant
- ResourcesConstans

Ahat is the dll that I have to use!!!
it does not work for me

Chris Moses

This looks very helpful. Could you please post a full sample project that both publishes and receives?

Christian Weyer

Hi Chris,

this sounds like a helpful thing, right? But I am so swamped at the moment that I cannot post a sample any time soon, sorry :(


Nice post! I'd be very interested in the device independent stuff if you have it lying around.

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