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Michele Leroux Bustamante

You guys rock...I was just thinking...hey, I need a tool to generate the metadata and POOF there you were in my first google search!

Ruslan Urban

May I suggest saving wizard data (e.g. as an XML file) and re-hydrating save file contents to avoid re-typing everything every time a small change (e.g. adding a claim) should be made.
I have the source for a similar utility. I can share it if you are interested.

Andreas Botsikas

Thank you for the cool wizard! Based on the comments of Ruslan Urban, I have created a new federation metadata file editor that creates and modifies existing metadata xml files... The editor is freely available at http://botsikas.blogspot.com/2010/06/wif-custom-sts-metadata-file-editor.html


Awesome, just what I needed.
Thanks Guys. SAved me hours of work.


Yes, thank you very much for this much apprecaited! http://www.hotfilemediafire.com

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