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The good part is that Microsoft's silverlight will embrace HTML5 fully. This could be something special.

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I'm not certain of this, but it seems everytime i read a tech news on techblogs, they always seem biased against microsoft and less biased towards apple and sometimes google? Its kinda weird for a "tech" blog to be that way.
I guess its because most if not all media outfits use Macs and finalcut for postproduction and they also love their shiny idevices. I'm and tech support person, with an iphone, wp7, HP windows7 with 8gigs of RAM, macbook pro with 6gigs RAM and honestly... i spent more productivity time on my wp7 and win7 than i do on the mac. I love the build quality of my apple though, but now with the debut of ultrabooks that have similar build quality, i'm not sure anymore.

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